Stansted Jets

While the main goal of this website is to concentrate solely on the aircraft that frequented Southend Airport, no entry would be complete without a mention of Channel’s jets which almost exclusively operated from their other base at Stansted. That said, a number of these jets would visit Southend every now and then, while the two aircraft that did operate briefly from the airport are not listed here and have instead been provided with their own separate pages.



1-11 G-AWEJ

BAC 1-11-408EF – c/n 115

With Channel from May 1968 to Feb 1972

This 1-11 first put in appearance on May 10th 1968 when she was delivered to Channel at Southend. With a new, two year Lyons Tours contract firmly in its grasp, Channel would go on expand its jet fleet significantly over the coming months in attempts to fulfil both this and other commitments. As such, this contract would take both the 1-11s and the Tridents to more than 20 charter destinations ranging from Athens to Tunis and Barcelona to Venice. However, with Channel’s demise in 1972, Echo Juliet would sit idle at Hurn for more than 4 years before being purchased by British Airways in April 1976 after which she was re-registered as G-BBMG.


1-11 G-AWKJ

BAC 1-11-408EF – c/n 128

With Channel from Mar 1969 to Feb 1972

While ownership of this aircraft passed to Channel in March 1969, she would instead be delivered on lease to BUA until October 8th when she was finally handed over to her owner at Stansted. During 1970, she was mostly engaged flying charters for Lyons Tours, although she would fly a small number of scheduled services from Stansted and Jersey via Southend. The following year she would leave British shores and spend much of her summer based in West Berlin along with Trident G-AVYB, moving tourists for tour operators GUT, Neckerman and Stolle. These contracts would require these two aircraft to make more than 50 flights every week to holiday destinations dotted around the Mediterranean. When Channel finally collapsed, Kilo Juliet was stored at Hurn for almost two years before finally finding a new home with Air Hanson in January 1974.


Comet G-APMB

De Havilland D.H.106 Comet 4B – c/n 6422

With Channel from Jun 1970 to Feb 1972

Delivered to Stansted on June 25th bearing the B.E.A. livery of her former owner, she would be the only Comet to carry these particular colours into Channel service. The other B.E.A. Comets were delivered straight from Olympic of Greece where they had been on lease and while they carried a similar scheme, they could easily be told apart by their solid blue tails and silver undersides. She would go on to operate mostly on Channel’s I.T. charters until being withdrawn just prior to the airline’s collapse. She was eventually sold to Dan-Air by the receiver and was delivered to Lasham on April 9th 1972.


Comet G-APYC

De Havilland D.H.106 Comet 4B – c/n- 6437

With Channel from Jan 1970 to Feb 1972

Comet Yankee Charlie would be the very first of her kind to enter service with Channel, arriving at Stansted on 26th January in her former Olympic Airways livery which was subsequently recycled, albeit with a few minor modifications. The Comets would for the most carry out I.T. charters to destinations such as Alicante, Basle, Gerona, Milan, Palma, Rimini, Tangier and Trieste from a good number of the larger British airports around the U.K. However, she stood idle at STN for much of 1971, only being reactivated again on 15th July. She was subsequently sold on to Dan-Air in June 1972.


Comet G-APYD

De Havilland D.H.106 Comet 4B – c/n 6438

With Channel from Feb 1970 to Feb 1972

Delivered to Stansted on 27th February 1970. Sold to Dan-Air on 14th April 1972. Currently preserved at the Science Museum, Wroughton


Comet G-APZM

De Havilland D.H.106 Comet 4B – c/n 6440

With Channel from May 1970 to Feb 1972

Delivered to Stansted on May 14th. She later flew I.T. charters from Stansted and a number of other UK airports. Eventually sold to Dan-Air by the receiver and was delivered to Lasham on April 17th 1972.


Comet G-ARDI

De Havilland D.H.106 Comet 4B – c/n 6447

With Channel from Apr 1970 to Feb 1972

Delivered to Stansted during April 1970. She later flew into Southend on September 21st 1971 where she would be permanently WFU. Dan-Air would later buy the aircraft for spares and she was reduced to scrap at SEN during August 1972.


Trident G-AVYE

Hawker Siddeley H.S.121 1E-140 Trident – c/n 2139

With Channel from Jun 1968 to Dec 1971

As with most of Channel’s new jets, Trident Yankee Echo would be pre-delivered to Southend before being handed over officially at Stansted, the latter taking place on June 14th 1968. After a rather lacklustre summer season with Channel she was withdrawn for the winter and wasn’t used again until the spring, being seen at Luton on April 13th 1969. Her 1970 season was more fruitful, flying numerous charters on behalf of Lyons Tours and Channel’s own travel companies – Mediterranean and Trident Holidays. However in 1971, this aircraft would eventually end up standing idle at Stansted, part of the reason for this revolving around spares issues and as such, she became something of a spares ship for fellow Trident G-AVYB. However by the end of the year, enough parts had been acquired to make her airworthy again and she was prepared for sale. By December, she had been sold to Northeast Airlines.