Vickers 701 Viscount – c/n 13

With Channel from Dec 1963 to Dec 1966

When BEA began to dispose of their 700 series Viscounts, which had mostly been replaced by the superior 802 and 806 series aircraft, these early ‘G-AMO-‘ series of aircraft would find themselves being sold off more or less evenly between Channel Airways and VASP of Brazil. Indeed, Viscount G-AMOC was initially destined to spend the next episode of her service career in the Southern Hemisphere, however the deal for this particular aircraft fell through and as such she ended up with Channel instead, albeit on lease until the spring of 1964 when she was finally purchased outright. However, while Oscar Charlie may have been one of the first Viscounts to arrive at Southend, she was more or less immediately sub-leased to British Eagle which was in need of more equipment for their Heathrow and Liverpool winter schedule and as such, OC would actually make her first revenue flight to SEN in Eagle colours on January 18th 1964, stopping off on her return to Liverpool having flown a service to Rotterdam.

By April 1964 her lease had come to an end and adorned in her new Channel livery, she went into service on May 2nd flying her very first sector for the airline between Southend and Ostend. However, with the summer approaching she would soon find herself being more or less permanently confined to the extremely popular routes between Southend and the Channel Islands/Low Countries along with the rest of the Viscount fleet. By the end of the year Oscar Charlie was off on lease again, initially to Eagle and then to Starways. The year 1965 would also herald in an almost identical period of work and leasing, although by the end of 1965 she had been re-registered as VP-BCH and left for some winter sun in the Caribbean with Bahamas Airways, returning to a chilly Southend at the end of March 1966.

The rest of her Channel career was quite unremarkable with her once more being confined to the short, cross-Channel services although a welcome break from the monotony of these routes would emerge during the late summer when she flew a number of pleasure flights at the 1966 Biggin Hill Air Show. However, her season inevitably came to a somewhat early close when B.K.S. decided to lease her for the rest of the year and as such, she made her very last revenue flight for Channel on an I.T. charter to Barcelona on September 26th 1966. She did return to SEN one final time on the 31st of December, although on the following day she departed for Cambridge where she would undergo a pre-delivery overhaul on behalf of her new owner Cambrian.


History of G-AMOC

6/53 – 12/63


12/63 – 6/66

Channel Airways

6/66 – 1/70

Cambrian Airways


WFU 10/70 and B/U 10/71


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