Douglas DC-3C – c/n 13381

With Channel from May 1962 to Apr 1967

Charlie Uniform arrived at Southend during May 1962 and had already gone into service by the 26th, flying the Southend-Ostend route. She continued to fly the established routes to Ostend, Rotterdam and the Channel Islands for much of the summer and by the autumn, she had even become involved with cargo work when a rail strike in October witnessed most of the Channel fleet doing their part by standing in for the now idle trains, hauling full loads of mail and newspapers between Gatwick and Cardiff. The following year, she was back on the cross-Channel services and once again, ended up plying these routes for most of 1963.

With the arrival of the first Viscounts during late 1963 and early 1964, the Dakotas found themselves being more increasingly relegated to the feeder routes with two DC-3s being sent to Portsmouth, while two (including Charlie Uniform) would remain at Southend. As such, G-AHCU spent much of 1964 flying from Ipswich and Rochester, bringing in passengers for the waiting Viscounts and the sole DC-4. Operations over the next two years would continue in much the same way, although this aircraft would still frequently make trips across the water, especially during peak times. Her last service would finally come on October 16th 1966 after returning from Jersey. She was subsequently WFU and B/U the following spring.


History of G-AHCU

5/44 to 3/46

Royal Air Force as KG621

3/46 to 8/46


(Conv from C-47 to DC-3)

8/46 to 5/62


5/62 to 4/67

Channel Airways


WFU 10/66 and B/U circa 4/67


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