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On this page, I will endeavour to cover all legal and copyright issues, not to mention any other potentially, ambiguous or incomprehensible gumpf that is likely to emerge or become a source of problems when you invariably create an extensive website such as this. So, here goes…


Using the Site

Being a website that I hope will attract individuals of all ages, I have attempted to make its layout as straightforward and as logical as possible. On certain pages you will come across external links that should open in a new browser, in an attempt to reduce back clicking and thus make your viewing experience as pleasurable as possible. Most pictures are also clickable and should expand to a default size of 1024 pixels, although some older pictures will quite naturally be a little smaller. As far as this site’s media is concerned, please do take a moment to read about website and photo copyright below. For less seasoned users or novice aviation enthusiasts, you will find a ‘quick guide’ at the bottom of this page.


Website Copyright

If I could calculate the amount work and research that has been put into this website, it would probably exceed 1000 hours. However, being a great believer in sharing, you are more than welcome to copy any page of this website for your own personal use or a maximum of three pages for use on another non-commercial or aviation related website. However, please note that this does not extend to photos, tables, drawings or information that I have credited to others. More information on this is available below.


Photo Copyright

As you are no doubt aware, a large number of photographers have contributed to this site; offering many pictures that are otherwise unavailable elsewhere. These images are here to make this site more interesting and we hope that you will derive many hours of pleasure from viewing them, not to mention the relevant information that has been provided as a compliment. However, I would just like to take a moment to ask you to consider the intellectual rights of the photographers who own these images. These pictures at all times, remain the copyright of the photographer who has been credited in one corner of each photo and they may not be used without the express permission of the owner. Please feel free to contact us here at SAAD if you have any queries or require more information about this.


Uncredited Photos

In a few, rare cases and despite my greatest efforts, I have been unable to find the legitimate owner of certain photographs used on this website. However, here at SAAD, we take copyright seriously and as a result, in the corner of such photos we have placed ‘© Unknown’. If you should come across such a photo that belongs to you, then please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will credit you accordingly, or indeed, remove the picture itself if you so require. (Please note that removal requests do not extend to postcard pictures. We will be more than happy to credit the original photographer, but the picture itself will remain). In some cases, photos or other images may be free of credits. In such cases, these pictures have either been taken by myself or have been confirmed as being in the public domain. Any picture credited to ‘Nicholas Cox’ may be used on non-commercial websites or forums as long as the appropriate credits are given at the time of posting.


Fair Use

Indeed, it would be virtually impossible to create a website like this without resorting to books, magazines and other information that is freely available on the Internet or from the many aviation related boards that I have frequented in the never ending search to make this website as informative as possible. However, in certain situations, I have used various publications to check, confirm and cross reference information and in doing so, I invoke the terms of ‘fair use’ and give sources for these references on the ‘Credits’ page.



Due to a lack of use, the comments section on each page has been removed. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and I hope that this will not detract from your experience in any way.



Due to a lack of use, the registration option has now been removed. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and I hope that this will not detract from your experience in any way.


‘Personal Histories’

Any individual who contributes to this particular section will retain complete control over their submissions at all times. If you wish your story to be removed, edited or amended in any way, then please feel free to contact us at the email address at the bottom of this page and we will act accordingly. There will also be a single page for airport related stories that are of an interesting or humorous nature.



My main goal is for this site to remain an easy to use, non-commercial archive related to the history of Southend Airport aviation and at no time will I ever seek to profit from the creation of this website. However, in a few cases, I have made small plugs for certain products as a way of thanks either to the photographers or contributors who have assisted me with the creation of this project. I would like give everyone my assurance and my pledge that I benefit in no other way than through the material that has been provided for this website


Technical/Website Issues

If you should come across any problems related to this website, then please send a report to

However, there may be certain perceived ‘errors’ or ‘omissions’ that are in fact part of this website design and as such, I will list them below:

No comments section on certain pages – For a number of various reasons, I have decided to remove the comments section on every single page. However, if you wish to make a comment or suggestion about a specific entry, then please feel free to contact us on

Certain aircraft or airlines are missing from a section – In most cases, this simply means that these missing pages are still being worked on. Rather than littering the entire website with pages that are under construction, I’ve decided instead to add them, as and when they are ready for publishing.

Certain dates are wrong/incorrect – When doing research for a website such as this, it is not uncommon to come across a glut of conflicting information. Thus, where various sources contradict one another, I have either gone with the most reliable source or have used dates that are confirmed by the largest number of sources. That said, if you come across a date that is blatantly incorrect (such as 1989 instead of 1969 for example) then please don’t hesitate to let us know on the SAAD email address.

The home page background picture doesn’t display properly – This will all depend on your monitor resolution. Those of you using HD monitors should see the nose and tail section of a BAF Carvair, while those of you using lower resolution monitors will simply see smaller portions of them. Monitors of 1024px or lower will generally not display the background of this website and will tend to squish the menus into two rows. For best results, use a screen resolution that is between 1024 x 768px and 1600 x 900px.

Some of the text runs into the pictures – If you are having such issues, then you are probably using an Apple phone. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, there is very little I can do about this and would respectfully suggest that you instead try to view this website on a Windows/Linux/iOS based PC, laptop, tablet or an Android based phone.


Glossary of Terms

As you work your way through this website, you will invariably come across a number of abbreviated or reduced forms which are often used within the aviation industry. For those of you who are not familiar with such terms, then below you will find some of the more common examples that have been used on this website, especially within the history section of each aircraft.

B/U – Broken up

CFIT – Controlled Flight Into Terrain (when an aircraft that is under pilot control accidentally flies into a mountain, the ground or water)

CoA – Certificate of Airworthiness

Conv – Converted (modifications or upgrades made to an airframe)

DBF – Destroyed/ Damaged by fire

DBR – Damaged beyond repair

DBER – Damaged beyond economical repair (Common with older aircraft)

NTU – Not taken up (a change of ownership did not take place or the airline in question did not put the aircraft into service)

rr – re-registered

STR – Stored

TFR – Transferred (change of ownership – usually due to a merger, airline name change or takeover)

WFU – Withdrawn from use

Quick Guide

This website is mostly made up of three types of page:

Full width, information pages which are self-explanatory

Pages which give the history of individual aircraft and

Pages which provide information on the various airlines that are relevant to this website

Here, I will endeavour to cover the latter two here, both of which are similar in format.

Aircraft Histories


Here you will find the registration of the aircraft while is was with its respective airline – other registrations may have been used and if so, these will be found in the detailed history below.

Viking G-APOR

Vickers 623 Viking C Mk2 – c/n 178

Here, you will find the aircraft name, type, mark and construction number.

With Tradair from Aug 1958 to Jan 1963

Above you will find the specific period that the aircraft spent with its respective airline. There is no suggestion that the aircraft was in service for the entirety of this period and in many cases, aircraft were often withdrawn or removed from service during this time. This time period also includes aircraft that were permanently withdrawn and even used for spares and in some cases, the second date is the month and year that the aircraft itself was scrapped.

Given Names

Occasionally, Southend based airlines would give their aircraft one or more names. Only names that were applied to the aircraft while they were at Southend are listed here.

Main Body

Here you will find the main body of text referring to the history of the aircraft while it was with its respective airline. In many cases, a certain amount of peripheral information has be included to provide a bigger picture.

History of G-APOR

2/47 to 8/58

RAF King’s Flight as VL247 (transferred to RAF Queen’s Flight – 5/52)

8/58 to 12/62

Tradair Ltd

12/62 to 2/65

Channel Airways Ltd


WFU and B/U 2/65

Finally, at the bottom of the page, you will find a detailed history of the aircraft’s owners – Please note that unless they are of notable interest, this section does not included leases. Any leases relevant to the history of the aircraft while it was based with a Southend airline will be found in the main body text. The aircraft’s fate is included and in the case of preserved airframes, you will often find an external link that will take you to their current location, such as a museum or other collection.


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