Heavylift C-130

During the early to mid-90s, Heavylift sub-leased four L-100 Hercules from Indonesian Pelita Air Services. Initially, three of these aircraft would become part of a contract to move vehicles and parts around Europe on behalf of the Ford Motor Company, these flights mostly taking place between Liverpool, Southend, Saarbrucken and Valencia, while the remaining aircraft was sent to Singapore where it would maintain the Asian arm of the contract. However, three of these aircraft would later depart for cargo work in South Africa while the fourth would move to the south coast of the UK where it would become part of Oil Spill Response contract that had been won by Heavylift in 1994. Otherwise, all of these aircraft would make irregular visits to Southend at one time or another, either carrying Ford parts or for engineering work/positioning purposes.


Heavylift Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules Fleet


12/90 to 1/94


9/89 to 12/91 and 2/96 to 10/96


6/90 to 7/92


6/90 to 10/90 and 12/93 to 2/97


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