Falcon Airways

Falcon Airways

Operated from Mar 1959 to Jan 1962

Main Bases – Blackbushe, Hurn and Gatwick

Founder/Director – Capt Marian Kozubski

Falcon started off in late 1958 as a small, one aircraft affair flying their single Viking G-AHPG on charter flights out of Blackbushe and on occasion from Hurn. A former director of Independent Air Travel – Captain M K Kozubski – left the company in the same year after a particularly bad period for the airline and had decided to start his own airline that would in effect, take over the routes previously plied by the floundering Independent. The airline’s sole Viking was refurbished during the winter of 1958/59 and was quickly put into service flying charters all over Western Europe to such places as Paris, Malmo, Zurich, Copenhagen and Frankfurt and later to the South of France and North Africa.

However, it was in the spring and summer of 1959 that Falcon’s relationship with Southend would begin in earnest, its Viking being used to fly an entire catalogue of summer and ad-hoc charters from the airport to Berlin, Munich, Nice, Rimini, Copenhagen and Turin. Every now and then, she would also uplift freight at SEN and during May 1959, she transported 3.5 tons of electrical equipment and supplies from Southend to Malmo. By the end of the year, the Viking had gone to Gatwick and had made way for new equipment in the form of Handley Page Hermes aircraft which continued to use the airport regularly although in 1960, Falcon Airways gained the somewhat unwanted distinction of being one of only two non-SEN based airline to crash one of its aircraft at the airport when one of its Hermes was returning from a charter to Barcelona and slid off the end of the runway (See ‘Prangs’ for more details).

By this time, the airline itself had relocated to Gatwick although due to the crash at SEN, it now found itself without aircraft. So in 1961, Falcon purchased or leased three Lockheed Constellation aircraft with which it would attempt to restart services from Gatwick and Manchester although such a decision would ultimately result in months of headaches for the airline, not to mention seal its eventual fate. With the aircraft not being properly equipped to operate services in and out of the UK, it ran into all kinds of problems with the aviation authorities until eventually, Falcon’s operating licence was revoked and this subsequently resulted in the collapse of the airline. Air Safaris later stepped in to take over what remained of their operations and charter commitments.


Falcon Airways fleet from 1958 to 1961

Beech 18

G-APBX – 3/59 to 8/59

DBR at Bournemouth 5/8/59

Vickers Viking

G-AHPG – 3/59 to 3/60

Sold to Canopus Airways Ltd

Handley Page Hermes

G-ALDA – 10/59 to 10/60

Sold to Air Safaris

G-ALDC – 5/59 to 10/60

Crashed at Southend 9/10/60

G-ALDG – 10/59 to 10/59

Sold to Silver City – As of 2016 the fuselage survives at the IWM Duxford


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