Eros Airlines


Operated from Feb 1962 to Apr 1964

Main Base – Gatwick

Founders/Directors – Mr A Homatus, Mr L Costakis and Mr Nicos Hadji Gavriel

Initially registered as a Cypriot airline in December 1957, Eros (UK) was later registered in London during February of the following year, although it would still take another four years until operations finally commenced. The airline then took over the now empty Falcon Airways facility at Gatwick and acquired three Vikings from the failed Air Safaris of which G-AJFT would be the first aircraft to fly the company’s first commercial service, this taking place on the last day of March 1962. However, problems began to arise where operations out of Gatwick were concerned and as such, Eros found itself making a use of a number of surrounding airports including Southend.

Visits however, would be quite infrequent although a Viking would occasionally turn up to fly a full day of ad-hoc charters from SEN, this taking place primarily during April 1962 and on and off throughout 1963. Otherwise, its aircraft would for the most fly their European and Irish services out of Gatwick. At the time, plans were being made to purchase larger aircraft such as DC-6s, H.S (Avro) 748s and even Handley Page Heralds, but sadly this was not to be. By April 1964, Eros was encountering difficulties with its operating licence and having failed to resolve them, the airline was then duly wound up during the same month.


Eros Airlines fleet from 1962 to 1964

Vickers Viking

G-AHOW – 5/62 to 4/64

Leased by Eros and finally bought 1/63 – Sold to Air Ferry

G-AJBX – 4/62 to 4/64

Sold to Air Ferry

G-AJFT – 3/62 to 9/63

WFU and sold to Gatwick Fire Service


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