1-11 G-AZUK

BAC 1-11-476FM – c/n 241

With BAF/BWA from Apr 1991 to May 1996

This particular BAC 1-11 was the only one of her kind to enter service with BAF. The 475 series was basically an uprated version of the earlier 200 series and the only variant to be fitted with strengthened, rough field landing gear and extra, lower fuselage protection. However, it is highly unlikely that BAF ever made use of these refinements being as the aircraft would invariably be operated at modern, British and European airports. Uniform Kilo came to BAF via Ryanair and was leased for more than a year, before finally being purchased outright by the airline.

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In 1993, yet another name change would take place and as such, all aircraft were transferred to British World with many of them receiving the new burgundy and white ‘Leaping Lion’ livery, however having already been withdrawn the previous winter, this aircraft would remain in a plain white livery for the rest of her time with BAF/BWA. She was eventually purchased by Oriental Airways of Nigeria and spent three months being prepared for service by British World engineering at Southend before finally being delivered to Lagos in August 1996.


History of G-AZUK

8/71 to 7/74

British Aircraft Company

7/74 to 12/82

Sold to Faucett as OB-R-1080

12/82 to 6/87

Stored at Van Nuys, California

6/87 to ?/90

Sold to Loganair as G-AZUK

(Long lease with Mediterranean Express)

?/90 to 4/91

Sold to Ryanair

4/91 to 4/93

Leased to BAF (eventually purchased)

4/93 to 5/96

TFR to British World

5/96 to 8/98

Sold to Oriental Airlines as 5N-ECI


WFU Owerri, Nigeria 8/98 – Likely to have been scrapped


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