BAC 1-11-201AC – c/n 11

With BAF/BWA from Mar 1990 to Apr 1996

While the turn of the ’90s would still see BAF operating a considerable number of turboprop aircraft which included both Viscounts and Heralds, it was during this period that pure jet equipment would start being added to the fleet, with a plan to reserve the turboprops mostly for hauling freight, while the jets would fly the majority of its passenger services. This was not the first time BAF had dabbled with jets, the airline having previously considered options for ten BAe-146 airliners as far back as 1982, although at the time, the unwanted fleet of British Airways 800 series Vickers Viscount aircraft came along at the right time and seemed to fill BAF’s requirements quite nicely.

It was in March 1990 that BAF received its first BAC 1-11 – G-DBAF, one of two jets that would be purchased from the GPA Group via the recently defunct U.S. airline Braniff. The first few years would see her operating from Britain’s larger airports to Continental and Irish destinations in a 78-seat passenger cabin configuration. As with most of BAFs and later BWA’s 1-11 fleet, despite being fitted with ‘hush kits’, they seemed to have little effect on the immense roar that its two low-bypass turbofans would produce at full throttle and as such, they flew little in the way of services from SEN.

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However, much like all of BAF’s early 1-11 acquisitions, by the middle of 1993 she had been withdrawn from service and was taken to the rear of the airport for long term storage. Title was later transferred to British World, but she would not fly again and stood idle until early 1996 when she was cleaned up and pulled into the British World hangar to be restored to an airworthy condition before being delivered to Balkh Airlines in April. Later in the year, she would become involved in a drugs trafficking scandal and was as such impounded in Malta until being sold off by the authorities there in December of the same year.


History of G-DBAF

10/64 to 7/65

British Aircraft Company

7/65 to 3/82

British United Airways as G-ASJD

3/82 to 3/88

Pacific Express as N104EX

3/88 to 7/88

TFR to Braniff

7/88 to 3/90

GPA Group as EI-BWK

3/90 to 4/96


4/96 to 12/96

Balkh Airlines as EL-ALD

(Impounded by the Maltese Authorities)

12/96 to 2/98

Airwing Services as YL-GAG

2/98 to 8/00

Rwandan Government as 9XR-RA


WFU Lanseria, Cyprus and stored


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