1-11 G-OBWA

BAC 1-11-518FG – c/n 232

With BAF/BWA from Dec 1992 to May 2001

It was at the end of 1992, that one of Britain’s best known independent airlines – Dan-Air – vanished into the halls of aviation history forever, being sold to British Airways for the token sum of £1. Quite naturally, BA were only interested in retaining the newest aircraft and as such, began to dispose of most of its older equipment, including its fleet of BAC 1-11s. In November and December of 1992, 10 of these were delivered to Southend from Gatwick with around half of them going into service with BAF/BWA, while the more worn out airframes were retained for spares use only. G-OBWA would be the first of these aircraft to be registered although she would not start operations until December.

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As with all the other BAF/BWA 1-11s, Whiskey Alpha would operate from airports such as Gatwick and Birmingham to destinations in Ireland (Dublin and Shannon) and to such Continental climes as Frankfurt, Paris, Copenhagen, Bologna and Berlin, while a short lease to Air Nostrum during the spring of 1995 would see her flying routes between Spain and Amsterdam. She continued working up until the end of British World’s existence finally being withdrawn and stored at Southend during December 2001. She would languish at SEN for another 18 months before finally being sold and flown out to Maltese airline, Air Leone.


History of G-OBWA

1/71 to 3/71

British Aircraft Corporation

3/71 to 6/75

Court Line as G-AYOR

6/75 to 12/92

Dan-Air as G-BDAT

12/92 to 12/01


12/01 to 5/02

Receiver for British World

5/02 to 1/06

Air Leone as 9L-LDL

(WFU and stored in Malta 4/03)


B/U in Malta 1/06


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