Vickers 623 Viking C.2 – c/n 178

With Channel from Jan 1963 to Feb 1965

This, the last of the ex-Queen’s Flight Vikings had an extremely short service life with Channel which lasted just one, single season. Having been transferred from Tradair at the end of 1962, she would not take to the air again until April 10th 1963 making her first flight for her new owner between Southend and Antwerp, while the 30th would witness her very first visit to Jersey. The 1963 season would see Oscar Romeo flying an extremely mixed bag of scheduled flights from charters deep into Europe, to the short hop Channel destinations and the Channel Islands, while she would turn up on the Manchester-Ostend route on the odd occasion too. Her last flight would come on November 5th returning from a trip from Rotterdam after which she was towed away to languish by the ex-Tradair hangar until finally being B/U in February 1965.


History of G-APOR

2/47 to 8/58

RAF King’s Flight as VL247

(Transferred to RAF Queen’s Flight 5/52)

8/58 to 12/62

Tradair Ltd

12/62 to 2/65

Channel Airways Ltd


WFU at Southend and later B/U 2/65


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