Viscount G-APPC

Vickers 812 Viscount – c/n 362

With Channel from May 1967 to Feb 1972

G-APPC was the 11th and final, 810 series Viscount to arrive at Southend from Continental, but would in fact, be one of the first to be withdrawn from service due to corrosion. She arrived at SEN on May 15th 1967 and on the 26th made her first test flight. The next day, she would go into service on the Southend-Ostend route, after which, she was dispatched to Stansted where she would fly to the Channel Islands on June 1st. As with most of Channel’s Viscounts, she would fly a variety of charters and cross-Channel services from a number of UK airports (including Newcastle, Bournemouth and Stansted) during 1967 and 68, before flying her very last service on September 30th 1968 – a return trip from Genoa. With Channel’s fortunes already in decline and an extensive amount of remedial work required to deal with Papa Charlie’s corrosion, the decision was taken instead to withdraw her permanently from service and use her as a spares ship for the other aircraft. Over the years, she was slowly pulled apart and in essence, survived the collapse of Channel itself. What remained of her was finally sold to Alidair by the receiver and quickly reduced to scrap by June 1972.


History of G-APPC

10/58 – 5/67

Continental Airways

5/67 – 2/72

Channel Airways

2/72 to 5/72

Kenneth R. Cork (Receiver)


WFU at SEN 9/68 and later sold to Alidair for spares – B/U 6/72


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