Air Ferry Ltd

Air Ferry (2)

Operated from Jul 1962 to Oct 1968

Main Base – Manston

Founder/Director – Wing Co. Hugh Kennard

As a director of Silver City, Wing Commander Kennard finally decided to leave the company at the end of 1960 and go it alone. In 1961, he began formulating plans for a new company and by July 1962, Air Ferry had been launched at Manston. This all new airline spent much of 1963 and 1964 heavily engaged flying mostly I.T. tours to the Continent, while scheduled services were limited to Ostend and Le Touquet. At the end of 1964, the airline was scooped up by the huge Air Holdings group and the Wing Commander again left to start another venture, namely Invicta Airways. Air Ferry meanwhile retained its name and operations continued much as they had before, although by the summer of 1965 the company had commenced flying a small number of car-ferry services across the Channel from Manston with two Bristol 170s one of which had been leased from BUAF (G-ANVR). However, this service lasted just one season and was quickly withdrawn. Meanwhile the winter would see a number of SEN-OST services being flown by Air Ferry Vikings and C-54s on behalf of BUAF.

While the odd aircraft may have visited the airport, Air Ferry never flew its own services from Southend, but did so by proxy. In December 1965, Air Ferry leased two BUAF Carvairs for use during the Rhodesian crisis and they remained in Air FerryZambia for a number of months before returning to the U.K. These aircraft were apparently operated on government missions that are still classified to this very day. However, it was in 1968 that Air Ferry would start to operate from SEN in earnest. In January it leased two Viscounts from Channel Airways: November Juliet which departed for Manston on January 10th while Hotel Echo would leave the following day. Both aircraft would be put into service operating a large number of I.T. charters from Gatwick, Manchester, Manston, Newcastle and Southend to many European destinations on behalf of Leroy and Lyons Tours. The Viscounts were returned in October and at about the same time, the decision was taken to absorb Air Ferry’s operations into BUA and by the end of 1968, this airline was no more.


Air Ferry fleet from 1962 to 1968

Vickers Viking

G-AHOW*– 4/64 to 11/66

WFU at Manston and B/U 9/67

G-AIVD – 2/63 to 4/65

WFU at Manston and later B/U

G-AIVF* 2/63 to 4/66

Sold to Invicta Airways

G-AJBX – 4/64 to 5/65

WFU at Manston and later B/U

G-AOCH*– 8/63 to 4/66

Sold to Invicta Airways

Bristol 170

G-AMLL – 3/65 to 12/65

Leased from Handley Page

G-ANVR*– 1/65 to 3/65

Leased from BUAF

Douglas C-54

G-APYK – 2/63 to 6/67

Crashed into Mount Canigou, nr Perpignan, France 3/6/67

G-ASFY*– 3/63 to 11/68

Sold to International Aviation Development as N3454

G-ASOG – 1/64 to 1/67

Crashed on approach to Frankfurt Airport 21/1/67

G-ARWI*– 6/67 to 10/68

Leased from Lloyd International

Douglas DC-6

G-APNO*– 12/65 to 1/69

Sold to Balair AG as HB-IBS

G-APNP*– 12/65 to 1/69

Sold to Balair AG as HB-IBT

ATL.98 Carvair

G-APNH*– 12/65 to 6/66

Leased from BUAF

G-ASKG*– 12/65 to 3/66

Leased from BUAF

Vickers Viscount

G-AVHE*– 1/68 to 10/68

Leased from Channel Airways

G-AVNJ*– 1/68 to 10/68

Leased from Channel Airways


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