Pegasus Airlines


Operated from Dec 1958 to Oct 1961

Main Bases – Luton, Blackbushe and Gatwick

Founder/Director – Mr C.G Claydon

Pegasus was yet another of the small, independents that popped up during the late-50s and early-60s. The airline started out with a single Vickers Viking (G-AHPL) which was used mostly to fly continental I.T tours and charters from Luton and later Blackbushe. Two more Vikings were quickly added to the fleet and by the early spring they were flying to Prestwick, the Channel Islands, Basle, Lyons, Nice, Palma, Perpignan and Tarbes, while flights from Cambridge would also take passengers to Ostend. It was in the summer of 1959 that Pegasus came to Southend, flying a good number of charters from the airport to the Continent, although this would be the only year that Pegasus would visit regularly. The following year, Pegasus moved to Gatwick where most of its flights would operate from and as such, little more was seen of their aircraft at SEN. The company lasted one more season after this, finally being wound up by its director Mr Claydon in October 1961.


Pegasus Airlines fleet from 1958 to 1961

Vickers Viking

G-AHOY – 2/59 to 10/61

Sold to Autair

G-AHPL – 12/58 to 10/61

Sold to Autair

G-AJBT – 1/59 to 2/62

WFU and stored Luton – later B/U


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