Short SD-330 – c/n 3006

With BAF from Jun 1987 to Sep 1989

Given Name – ‘Enterprise’

This SD-330 was purchased from Canadian outfit Time Air, although she had already been in the UK since February 1984, on lease to Jersey European and then Humberside airline Brown Air (later Capital). Echo Oscar’s time with BAF was seemingly split into two separate and distinct service periods. The first would involve her operating passenger flights for much of the rest of 1987, primarily on the Southampton-Channel Islands route, although she would often fly from other airports too, Gatwick being one place in particular that would receive the occasional visit. She would also venture into SEN from time for time, flying the Southend-Manston-Jersey, passenger service and for maintenance work.

The second phase of her BAF operational history would see her passenger seats being removed and rather than heading south, she would for the most, find herself operating to northern climes, flying post to Scotland for the Royal Mail where she was regularly seen, flying in and out of Glasgow for much of 1988. In November 1988, she returned to Southend and was stored, her BAF livery having been removed and replaced with a plain white colour scheme by early 1989. She was then ferried to Exeter on February 9th where she would once again enter storage until being purchased in September by Short Brothers for the leasing wing of their company.


History of G-BEEO

10/76 to 6/87

Time Air as C-GTAM

6/87 to 9/89

British Air Ferries as G-BEEO

9/89 to 5/93

Short Aircraft Leasing


DBR after runway excursion into the sea in the British Virgin Islands 2/5/93

(On lease to Atlantic Air as VP-LVR)


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