Guernsey G-BITX

Short SD-330-200 – c/n 3069

With BAF from Dec 1983 to Feb 1988

Given Name – ‘The Guernsey Post’ and ‘Sarnia’

With the purchase of Guernsey Airways in August 1983 came three aircraft, two 700 series Viscounts which were quickly disposed of and a single Short SD-330 G-BITX, which was the first of its type to enter service with BAF or more correctly, a BAF owned airline. From her purchase through to 1985, she was operated under lease by Guernsey mostly on the route between Gatwick and the Channel Islands, flying passengers during the day and mail at night although during 1984, she began to appear more frequently at other airports such as Birmingham and Manchester, while she would sometimes operate the Southend-Manston-Jersey service too. April 1984 would also herald in the start of an extension to the Gatwick-Channel Islands route with onward flights to Rotterdam that BITX would fly on a number of occasions.

The next two years would also see her putting in appearances at Staverton (from 1986) and Southampton (from 1987) However, unlike the other Short aircraft that had mostly been withdrawn, sold off or stored after the sale of Guernsey Airlines to Aurigny, Tango X-Ray returned to BAF in August ’87 and flew with the airline until the beginning of 1988 when she was finally disposed of. Needless to say, much like all the other BAF SD-330s before her, it wasn’t long before the titles were removed and the aircraft was sold on to Fairflight Charters who were at the time busy flying postal operations from Luton to Scotland and Wales.


History of G-BITX

5/81 to 12/83

Guernsey Airways

12/83 to 2/88

British Air Ferries

2/88 to 2/89

Fairflight Charters

2/89 to 10/92

Gill Air as G-OGIL


DBR at Newcastle 7/92 – Donated to Sunderland Museum 10/92 – Currently stored


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