G-ANVU Keegan 1977

De Havilland DH-104 Dove – c/n 04082

With BAF/Transmeridian/Keegan from Feb 1974 to Jan 1984

If one aircraft deserves the record for the amount of time that it remained at SEN, then it would have to be Viscount G-AOHL. However, Dove Victor Uniform was close on her heels, beginning her Southend career at the end of 1954 with EAFS/Channel, before being sold on to the short lived, Maplin/Convair Aviation by Channel’s receiver. By early 1974, she had found her way back to SEN and into the hands of ‘Mike’ Keegan who had initially purchased this aircraft as a company hack and executive transport for the Transmeridian wing of the business, although it wasn’t long before she was painted up in BAF’s familiar two tone blue livery and transferred albeit unofficially, into BAF’s ownership. While the aircraft never operated commercially for the airline, she did fly communication flights and a number of private charters on behalf of the Keegan family’s business concerns.

However, with the arrival of the first of two H.S 125s in October 1979, Victor Uniform would effectively find herself out of a job and without any evidence to the contrary, it would seem that she seldom flew if at all after this time. Indeed, one source states that she was in fact withdrawn as early as 1977. Nevertheless, by 1982 she had become something of a show piece, being positioned next to BAF Carvair G-AOFW, which had also been ‘put on display’ next to the company’s engineering facility. With BAF’s change of ownership in March 1983, it is unclear whether the title of these two aircraft remained with Keegan, or that they were part of the deal with new owner Jadepoint. Either way, by December 1983 the Carvair had somewhat unbelievably been scrapped and one month later, Dove G-ANVU had been purchased by a private owner at Cranfield and subsequently flew there after a period of restoration work.


History of G-ANVU

?/?? to 11/54

West African Airways as VR-NAP

11/54 to 2/72

EAFS/Channel Airways as G-AVNU

2/72 to 3/73

Kenneth R Cork (Receiver)

3/73 to 2/74

Maplin/Convair Aviation

2/74 to 1/84

BAF/T.D ‘Mike’ Keegan

1/84 to ?/92

Sandy Topen – Cranfield

?/92 to Present

Flygvapenmuseum, Linköping, Sweden


Stored at the Flygvapenmuseum in Linköping, Sweden as of 2016


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