Douglas DC-3C – c/n 12450

With Channel from Jul 1960 to May 1963

With the busy summer season of 1960 already in full swing, DC-3 Zulu Delta was quickly put into service with Channel. Arriving at Southend on July 26th, only two days would pass before she appeared on the network, flying her first service on the Southend-Portsmouth-Le Bourget route. As with most of Channel’s Dakotas, she was confined to operating both this route and the route to Jersey, mainly because of the DC-3’s suitability for the grass airfields such as those at Portsmouth and later Shoreham and Ipswich. On August 15th, a slight departure from normal operations would see her flying a freight charter between Southampton and Jersey carrying meat. However, with the high season finally over, she was sent to Ipswich where she was stored for the winter, being reactivated again on January 26th 1961, when she made a ferry flight to SEN.

The year 1961 would involve more in the way of cross-Channel work, with Zulu Delta putting in a number of appearances at both Ostend and Rotterdam, the latter of which was first flown on April 20th, fully loaded with passengers. Otherwise, operations would continue in much the same way as the previous year, with the subsequent winter withdrawal and reactivation in the early part of 1962. She then returned to Portsmouth where she would be based for much of the rest of the year, before once again, being stored for the winter. By 1963, Channel were procuring turboprop airliners en-masse and as such, the DC-3s began to look rather decrepit amongst this more modern fleet of airliners. Zulu Delta would go on to fly a number of cross-Channel services at the beginning of 1963, although by March, it was all over and she made her last trip for the airline on a return flight from Rotterdam on the 23rd. She was then given an overhaul by Channel, before being sold to Bahamas Airways in May 1963.


History of G-AGZD

2/44 to 2/46

Royal Air Force as KG415

2/46 to 8/46


(Conv from C-47 to DC-3)

8/46 to 7/60


7/60 to 5/63

Channel Airways

5/63 to 8/67

BOAC/Bahamas Airways as VP-BCC

8/67 to 11/68


11/68 to ?/??

LANSA as HR-LAG (rr to HR-LAQ during 1986)


WFU 10/94 – No further info known


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