RegionAir/Navco (Airways)

Jetstream G-REGB

Based at Southend from Mar 1988 to Jan 1991

(Navco Airways from May 1990 to Aug 1992)

Founder/Director – Unknown

Regionair emerged in July 1987 after the collapse of Harvest Air, due to the tragic demise of founder and owner NigelBandit G-REGA Brendish. A single Embraer Bandeirante was initially used to operate services between Southend and Rotterdam, the first of these flights taking place during March 1988. Later that year, much of Harvest Air’s Britten Norman Islander fleet would be transferred into Regionair’s ownership, although ultimately these aircraft would prove to be unsuitable for the kind of services that the company wished to offer and by May 1989 three of them had been disposed of. Nevertheless, more destinations were gradually added to Regionair’s network with flights eventually operating daily from SEN to Brussels and Paris while the Channel Islands were operated twice daily except Tuesdays (one flight) & three times per day at weekends. Bandeirantes or the Short 360 would fly most services although the Paris route generally employed a BAe Jetstream.

Meanwhile, other operations undertaken included fishery patrol work which was carried out using a single Dornier Do-228, although this aircraft was unlikely to SH360 G-REGNhave been seen at SEN due to the fact that the contract called for it to be based in Scotland. Another benchmark saw Regionair taking over the operations of fellow Southend airline National Commuter Airways which went into administration during October 1989. However by May 1990, Regionair was also beginning to struggle which resulted in Navco Airways taking over the airline, this quickly leading to the termination of regular scheduled services. However, within a few weeks, the aircraft were back in the air and would continue to carry out an assortment of ad-hoc flights and charter work under the ‘Region Airways’ name until January 1991 when finally, the airline name disappeared. Navco soldiered on for another year before it too collapsed during August 1992.


Regionair/Navco fleet while based at SEN

Britten Norman Islander

G-BADK – 10/88 to 4/89

Sold to CB Helicopters

G-BJWM – 10/88 to 5/89

Sold to Zeller as LX-AJH

G-BJWN – 10/88 to 12/89 Sold to

Great Barrier Airlines as ZK-FVD

G-BJWO – 10/88 to 4/89

Sold to Chapman Airways

G-BJWP – 10/88 to 11/89

Sold to Air Guadeloupe as F-OGOV

Embraer Bandierante

G-BHJY – 12/89 to 5/90

Leased from Alexandra Aviation

G-POST – 3/89 to 8/92

TFR to David Martin Worldwide Ltd

G-REGA – 2/88 to 3/91

Sold to Tech Air (Cambridge) Ltd

Short 360

G-REGN – 10/89 to 3/90

Returned to Short Brothers

Dornier Do 228

G-OALF – 5/88 to 10/88

Sold in South America (Seen at Fairoaks 4/10/88 for preparation flight)

BAe Jetstream

G-REGB – 12/88 to 10/89

Sold to Air Nordic as SE-IPD


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