Douglas DC-3C – c/n 12443

With Channel from Jun 1961 to Jan 1970

Dakota G-AHCV arrived at Southend on June 8th 1961 and was put into service two days later flying the Southend-Portsmouth-Jersey route, which she would spend much of the rest of the season operating, along with trips to Paris too. During the winter of 1961/62, she returned to Southend where she was due to undergo several weeks of maintenance work which included an engine change, this taking place in March. However, as the aircraft was being readied for this work, the undercarriage of the aircraft inadvertently collapsed, crushing one of the Channel engineers who tragically passed away as a result of his injuries. The damage to the aircraft was quite extensive and as a consequence of this, Charlie Victor would spend the rest of 1962 out of service while repairs were carried out.

It wasn’t until April 8th 1963 that she would make her first, post-accident flight. She was then returned to service flying a number of Clarkson’s bulb charters during April and May, before finally returning to her Portsmouth duties. Her operational history for 1964 and 1965 is extremely vague (Can anyone out there provide further details?) although it is known that she once again, returned to Porstmouth for a good part of 1964. She continued to fly through to April 1966, making her final flight between Ostend and Southend on the 12th. She was then removed from service and became a source of spares for the other DC-3s until they too were WFU. Charlie Victor would survive for almost four more years before being B/U in January 1970, during a mass clear out of unwanted airframes which also claimed the three, remaining, 700 series Viscounts too.


History of G-AHCV

2/44 to 4/46

Royal Air Force as KG408

4/46 to 8/46


(Conv to DC-3C)

8/46 to 6/61


6/61 to 1/70

Channel Airways


WFU at Southend 3/66 and B/U 1/70


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