Douglas DC-3C – c/n 25622

With Channel from May 1962 to Jan 1970

While this Dakota may have flown with Channel for almost four years, in-depth knowledge about her service life is difficult to come by. What is known is that she was delivered from Heathrow to Southend on May 29th 1962 and three days later, she went into service operating the Southend-Rotterdam route. October would then see her taking over national postal and newspaper deliveries for a few days after a general strike had brought rail services to a halt. Such was the amount of work available during this time, that it would involve much of the Channel fleet. Then in 1963, Dakotas November Whiskey and X-Ray November were both put up for sale, but with no buyer coming forward, they were retained by Channel.

With an entire bevy of Viscounts having arrived during the winter of 1963/64, November Whiskey was withdrawn but kept active at Southend as a reserve aircraft. It is unknown if she flew any services during this period. In fact, little is known about her service record from 1964 onwards, so if anyone can provide any details it would be much appreciated. However, November Whiskey would operate a small number of flights during the early part of 1966 and it was after such a flight from Rotterdam on February 11th, that she would be withdrawn for good. She survived as a spares ship for another four years before finally being B/U in January 1970.


History of G-AMNW

8/44 to 1/52

Royal Air Force as KJ838

1/52 to 5/60


(Conv from C-47 to DC-3)

5/60 to 1/70

Channel Airways


WFU 2/66 and B/U 1/70


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