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Douglas DC-3C – c/n 14661

With Channel from May 1962 to Oct 1964

This particular aircraft would have an extremely short service life with Channel Airways. However, X-Ray November did have a rather interesting, pre-Channel history which saw her becoming one of two DC-3s that were converted into Dart Dakota test-beds by Rolls Royce for a number of trials being undertaken during 1951. B.E.A. then put these aircraft to work on freight flights. Being unpressurised, it would have been pure folly to equip a cabin full of passengers with masks, the likes of which would have been required if the aircraft was to fly at the kind of altitudes that were required to make Dart engine operations efficient. However, after flying almost 540 hours in this configuration, she eventually reverted back to Wright Cyclones and then went on to fly for another 10 years with B.E.A.

It was on May 25th 1962 that XN finally arrived at Southend, going into service on June 2nd between Southend and Ostend and would as such maintain this and the other cross-Channel routes for the next four months until eventually being retired. A few days before she flew her last service, she too would become involved in the nationwide postal strike that took place at the beginning of October. She then flew one final trip to Ostend and back on June 4th, before being withdrawn from service and put up for sale. She remained in storage at Southend, but with no buyer emerging she was finally removed from operations permanently on June 18th 1963 and as a result, she never flew again. X-Ray November was eventually broken up just over a year later in October 1964.


History of G-ALXN

10/44 to 1/50

Royal Air Force as KJ934

1/50 to 8/50

Scottish Aviation as G-ALXN

8/50 to 5/62


(Converted from a C-47 to a DC-3C)

5/62 to 10/64

Channel Airways


WFU at Southend 6/63 – B/U circa 10/64


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