Nor Air G-BBDK

Based at Southend from Apr 1973 to Oct 1973

Founder/Director – Mr A.J. Spencer

Nor-Air was a small Southend airline that never quite managed to get off the ground. Created by the former founder of Air International in March 1973, this new airline established a base at SEN one month later. The intention was to put the former A.I Viscount G-APPX into service although for unknown reasons this never happened and instead, Nor-Air leased Viscount G-BBDK from Overseas Leasing with which they hoped to start services from Southend to the Continent flying to such destinations as Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Ostend.

However by the late summer, this airline still did not have its operator’s certificate and the only flying that Delta Kilo could undertake would be in the form of proving and crew training flights. At all other times, the Viscount stood idle awaiting approval and its first load of fare paying passengers. Then in September 1973, G-BBDK entered the ATEL hangar and emerged with ‘Educational Flight Services’ painted on its vertical stabiliser, the idea being that the Viscount would instead be used for flight training, although with Nor-Air’s AoC still not having been issued the aircraft remained for the most part, on the ground. By October of that year, Delta Kilo went back to its owner and the airline itself was disbanded.


Nor-Air fleet while based at SEN

Vickers 808 Viscount

G-BBDK – 4/73 to 10/73

Leased from Overseas Leasing


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