Executive Flying Services/Marmol Aviation

Operated from Oct 1956 to Sep 1987

Founder/Director – Mr Ladislav ‘Ladi’ Marmol

Thanks to his gliding prowess, ‘Ladi’ Marmol had become something of an aviation celebrity within British aviation circles during the mid to latter part of the 20th century. However, not wishing to rest on his laurels he would start and then run a number of small, yet successful businesses from his base at Southend. During 1956, ‘Ladi’ registered his new engineering company Marmol Aviation which would mostly concern itself with the repair of single and twin engined, general aviation airframes. Somewhat inevitably, he would end up purchasing a number of damaged Cherokee aircraft, most of them from the U.S, which were then repaired and either sold or put back into service on behalf of his group of companies, although the ‘permanent’ E.F.S./M.A. fleet would generally never exceed five aircraft.


In November 1965, ‘Ladi’ was awarded the pleasure flying contract for the airport after the closure of Southend’s Municipal Flying School and in April the following year, he would open another Marmol concern namely Executive Flying Services. The remit of this new entity would be to use the Marmol fleet to fly taxi services, private charters and pleasure flights from Southend during the warmer months. The smaller Cherokees were reserved for pleasure flying while the company’s Aztec and later a Twin Commanche which replaced it, were invariably used to carry out the taxi charters. However, by 1971 the requirement for such services had begun to seriously dwindle and by December, this branch of the company was no more.

Marmol Aviation would however, continue to operate from the old Southend Corporation shed on the eastern perimeter, its main task now being that of repairing and servicing any aircraft that passed through via his other company A.D.S. Aerial, while Ladi would also continue to rebuild and sell aircraft, offer his maintenance services and provide numerous spares to general aviation owners. Finally in 1987 and at the age of 67, ‘Ladi’ finally decided that enough was enough. He closed down his remaining concerns and retired to Benfleet where he would spend the last ten years of his life.


Executive Flying Services/Marmol Aviation fleet

Piper PA-28 Cherokee

G-ATRX – 5/66 to 9/67

Sold to A. Jacobs

G-ATRW – 3/66 to 4/66

Sold to Northern Executive Aviation Ltd

G-AVTJ – 8/67 to 9/67

Sold to Canterbury Ind Products Ltd

G-AVTK – 8/67 to 9/70

Sold to Budge Brothers, Romford

G-AVVV – 10/67 to 2/68

Sold to D.E.C. Stapleton

G-AWCX – 2/68 to 9/72

Sold to P.M. Little

G-AWCY – 2/68 to 4/69

Sold to D., C. and K. Whyham

G-AWCZ – 2/68 to 10/68

Sold to L.N. Monniskemdam

Cessna T-337

G-AZRW – 4/72 to 7/84

Sold to R.C. Frazzle

Piper PA-23 Aztec

G-APYX – 4/66 to 9/66

Sold to C.F.E. Aviation Ltd

Piper PA-30 Twin Cherokee

G-ATYR – 8/66 to 12/72

Sold to D.E.C. Stapleton


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