Carvair G-ATRV

Aviation Traders ATL.98 Carvair – c/n 15/27311

With BUAF from Mar 1966 to May 1967

The aircraft that would eventually become G-ATRV was initially purchased as a converted C-54 freighter from Trans-Mediterranean Airways as OD-ADW. She arrived at Stansted on November 8th 1963, taking a week to fly from Beirut, after which she would then undergo a year long conversion before entering long term storage. Indeed, from the commencement of work to her first flight a period of almost 2-1/2 years would pass, the main reason for this was because at the time, there was no immediate delivery customer waiting in the wings for this specific aircraft. However, early in 1966 BUAF decided that they could make use of an extra Carvair and she was summarily given a BUAF livery and delivered to Southend on March 25th.

Five days later on April 1st, she made her first revenue flight that would witness her plying the sectors Southend-Rotterdam-Manchester-Rotterdam-Southend. Although she would initially fly on the short distance cross-Channel routes, mostly to Rotterdam, her lack of wing weights defined that she would for the most part be reserved primarily for the ‘deep penetration’ routes into the heart of Western Europe. Her extremely short service also meant that Romeo Victor would be one of the few, British Carvairs never to receive a name. By April 1967 Cie Air Transport were looking for another Carvair, having lost one of theirs to a crash in Pakistan. This aircraft was subsequently offered to Cie and having been refinished at Southend, she finally departed to Nimes via Le Touquet on May 6th 1967.


History of G-ATRV

3/66 to 5/67

British United Air Ferries

5/67 to 11/72

Cie Air Transport as F-BOSU


WFU and stored Nimes-Garons, France 8/70 – B/U 11/72


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