Viscount G-AOYS

Vickers 806 Viscount – c/n 267

With BAF from May 1981 to Feb 1985

If the prize for shortest lived, pure BAF freighter was to be awarded, then it would surely have to go to G-AOYS which was one of three to serve during Viscount G-AOYS 1BAF’s tenure at SEN. She initially came to Southend as one of the first batch of ex-British Airways Viscounts and was used as a mixed passenger/freight aircraft for the first two years of her BAF career. In fact upon her arrival, she was quickly painted up and prepared for service before heading off to North Africa on a four month lease to Air Algerie working on their domestic services. In October, she returned to Southend and it would appear that she saw little in the way of use over the winter during which time she was likely being painted up in her first BAF livery.

The following year would see Yankee Sierra operating mostly passenger services, being spotted atG-AOYS pax destinations such as Jersey and Basle during the summer of 1982. It is unknown if she was withdrawn throughout the winter although what is known is that in May 1983, she would enter the BAF hangar where her interior was removed, most of her windows were skinned over and would then later emerge as the airline’s very first, pure Viscount freighter. However, why BAF went to the extent of performing such work is a mystery because she would only fly for one more year in this configuration. Indeed, by January 1984 she had been sold on to Jeremy Keegan’s Panavia Air Cargo although ultimately, the plane would remain with BAF under lease.

It would seem that with BAF’s purchase of Viscount G-BBDK the previous September, Yankee Sierra’s usefulness had effectively come to an end. The aircraft flew infrequently until May 1984, when she was seen on SEN’s northern apron without engines. By mid-summer, she had been towed to the rear of the airport and was now missing certain minor parts. She languished there until the following February when she finally met her demise at the hands of the scrap man.


History of G-AOYS

6/58 to 10/71


10/71 to 4/74


4/74 to 4/80

TFR to British Airways

4/80 – 5/81

Stored at Cardiff, Wales

5/81 to 1/84


1/84 to 2/85

Panavia Air Cargo


WFU c.5/84 – Scrapped at SEN 2/85


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