Maplin/Convair Aviation


Based at Southend from Mar 1973 to Feb 1974

Founder/Director – Mr Gerry Lea

Another extremely short lived SEN airline was Maplin Aviation which flew a single ex-Channel Airways, De Havilland Dove on charter and freight flights, many of which involved the transport of lobsters to Jersey. These particular flights took place twice weekly and operated under the name of Convair Aviation. This airline also frequently carried other fragile and quick-to-spoil goods to the coastal French and Belgian airfields. However, a downturn in business towards the end of 1973 saw this airline descend into financial difficulties and at the beginning of 1974 the airline ceased all operations and sold its only aircraft to Mike Keegan who subsequently put her into service as a company hack cum executive transport for BAF and Transmeridian.


The Maplin/Convair fleet while based at SEN

De Havilland D.H.104 Dove

G-ANVU – 3/73 to 2/74

Sold to T.D. ‘Mike’ Keegan


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