Tudor G-AGRJ

Avro 688 Tudor 1  –  c/n 1258

With Air Charter from Aug 1954 to Oct 1956

Another veteran of the Berlin Airlift was Tudor Romeo Juliet which had accumulated 117 trips to her credit whilst operating under lease to B.S.A.A. With the subsequent withdrawal of the Tudors after this event, this aircraft would join her brethren on August 10th 1949 for long term storage at Tarrant Rushton until being reactivated four years later by Aviation Traders who had purchased the majority of these unwanted aircraft. After a period of pre-flight maintenance, she was test flown and later ferried to Southend prior to Christmas 1953. After a complete overhaul and the installation of a passenger cabin, she was ferried to Stansted during May 1954 where she would remain.

On August 20th 1954, ownership was transferred to Air Charter although unlike most of the other Tudors, Romeo Juliet never actually entered service with the airline. As such, this aircraft was neither lengthened nor converted to Super Trader standard and was subsequently withdrawn at Stansted in October 1956 while her registration would finally be cancelled in December 1958. The exact date of her scrapping remains unknown, although she was spotted during the summer of 1959 in a considerable state of dereliction and it is highly likely that she was disposed of during the mass scrapping of Tudors that took place from late 1959 to early 1960.

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History of G-AGRJ

9/45 to 5/48

Ministry of Supply

5/48 to 9/53

Ministry of Civil Aviation (Leased to B.O.A.C and B.S.A.A)

9/53 to 8/54

Aviation Traders

8/54 to 10/56

Air Charter Ltd


WFU 10/56 – B/U Stansted circa 1959-60


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