Tudor G-AHNL

Avro 688 Tudor 4B – c/n 1345

With Air Charter from Aug 1954 to Feb 1960

Given Name – ‘Nimbus’

Tudor G-AHNL had been another long-term resident of Ringway when during late 1953, Aviation Traders decided to procure this aircraft that had been sitting idle at this Manchester airport for almost four years. Arriving at Southend on January 12th 1954 she was then overhauled before being sent to Stansted. Again, as with many of these early aircraft, much of their service history has been lost to the sands of time although she would return to Southend for conversion to Super Trader standard and was the second of the 4B Tudors to receive these modifications. She finally entered service again on April 18th 1955 and as with ACL’s other Super Traders, she would be called upon to service the RAF contract to Woomera, Australia.

She was later withdrawn at SEN during September 1958 albeit temporarily, and by the following year, she was back flying the missile route no doubt as a replacement for Tudors G-AGRG and G-AGRH which had both been lost in accidents earlier in the year and as such, she was seen passing through one of the regular transiting and refuelling stops in Nicosia during August 1959. Her end would eventually come on November 1st 1959 when captained by Tommy Thomason she was flown into Southend for withdrawal and in doing so, finally brought Tudor operations worldwide to an end. She was subsequently towed to the north side of the airport and sat there until being scrapped in February 1960.

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History of G-AHNL

2/50 to 11/53

Ministry of Civil Aviation

11/53 to 8/54

Aviation Traders

8/54 to 2/60

Air Charter Ltd


B/U at Southend 2/60


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