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Avro York C.1  –  c/n 1354

With Air Charter from Jul 1951 to Mar 1952

Given Name – ‘New Era’

While York ‘Golf Lima’ flew on Air Charter operations during the short time that she operated for this company, she ultimately remained registered to Surrey Flying Services for the rest of her service life while at the same time, she would also gain the distinction of being the very first of her type to enter service with Air Charter. This York was seen at Southend during September 1951 where she underwent maintenance for her C.o.A. after which she then became something of regular visitor to the airport during the remainder of 1951 and the early part of 1952. However, a large amount of her work consisted of trooping and the movement of passengers and freight in support of such flights, these generally being carried out either from Stansted or on the former Surrey A/S route between Berlin and Hamburg that had now been taken over by ACL.

Unfortunately on 11 March 1952 while flying one of the latter operations, she crash landed in a field roughly four miles from the airport in Hamburg having clipped several power lines while narrowly avoiding several houses. On board at the time were ten people including Freddie Laker himself (acting as flight engineer), ATEL’s engineering director Jack Wiseman and councillor R.F. Bishop. It would appear that all four engines had failed on final approach due to fuel exhaustion. The subsequent wheels-up forced landing resulted in a fire which eventually engulfed the entire aircraft although thankfully, no serious injuries were sustained by those on board.


History of G-AMGL

5/46 to 12/50

Flota Aerea Mercante Argentina as LV-XGN/Aerolineas Argentinas as LV-AFV

12/50 to 7/51

Eagle Aviation as G-AMGL

7/51 to 3/52

Surrey Flying Services/Air Charter


Crashed near Hamburg 11/3/52


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