Avro York C.1 – Designated as Set 50

With Air Charter from Mar 1952 to Jul 1955

Given Name – ‘New Era II’

This aircraft like many others built during and just after the war, was given a set number rather than a construction number, the purpose of this being to conceal the true number of airframes that had actually been produced. Romeo Juliet having been part of ‘Set 50’ was purchased from Aviation Traders on behalf of Surrey Flying Services in March 1952 and was later ferried from Southend to the ATEL facility at Stansted where she would remain until undergoing maintenance for her CoA renewal in July 1952. While she started out flying operations on behalf of SFS, York Romeo Juliet was later adorned in Air Charter’s livery. Unfortunately, details about her SFS/ACL service life are extremely vague although by July 1954, she was making numerous trooping flights through Malta as ‘XG987’ either for technical stops or refuelling, before either continuing outbound to Fayid Air Base in Eastern Egypt or returning home to the UK. It would appear that much of her Air Charter career was spent maintaining this route up until June 1955 when her original registration was restored. One month later, she was sold off to Air Liban as OD-ACE.


History of G-AMRJ

4/47 to 1/52

Royal Air Force as MW236

1/52 to 3/52

Aviation Traders as G-AMRJ

3/52 to 7/55

Surrey Flying Services/Air Charter Ltd

(XG897 allocated for trooping)

7/55 to 9/59

Air Liban as OD-ACE


WFU and B/U in Lebanon 9/59


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