Kay Rings

Viking G-AMGH Kay Rings

Based at Southend from Jan 1960 to circa Sep 1961

Founder/Director – Mr T.D ‘Mike’ Keegan

Another of ‘Mike’ Keegan’s many concerns – Kay Rings Ltd – began life with a single D.H.104 Dove, although this single aircraft ‘fleet’ would soon find itself being expanded upon and by the end of 1960 this company possessed three different commercial aircraft types bringing the fleet up to six airframes in total, plus one twin engined Apache (G-AREW) that was used as a company hack. Kay Rings had initially started out at Panshanger Airfield where it sold aircraft spares and organised aircraft leases. However, any business that was carried out was primarily confined to Southend with most of its aircraft being leased to other local companies such as B.K.S, Continental Air Transport (another Keegan concern) and Overseas Aviation.

In 1961, Kay Rings expanded its fleet further with a small number of larger aircraft, temporarily gaining the two C-54s that had previously belonged to Continental until its demise in October 1960. Both aircraft were subsequently transferred to Keegan’s Trans World Leasing which eventually sold one of the aircraft (G-APID) to Invicta Airways after a number of leases which saw her briefly joining companies such as B.U.A., Starways, Dan-Air and one of Keegan’s other concerns, namely Trans-Meridian. Meanwhile, the other C-54 (G-APCW) would end up with Falcon Airways and then World Wide Aviation until finally being sold to the Congolese Air Force in April 1962.

During the summer of 1961, movements by what was effectively a holding company for Keegan’s assets were few and far between with the remit of this company remaining focused on the purchasing and leasing of aircraft. With the collapse of Overseas Aviation, more aircraft were scooped up in the form of Vikings and Canadair North Stars, the latter of which were summarily flown to Panshanger and Baginton, Coventry respectively for storage. However, these North Stars never found a buyer and were later scrapped. By August 1961, most of the company’s aircraft had been sold on and with only two C-54s remaining the company was wound up and then disappeared roughly one month later.

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Kay Rings fleet while based at SEN

Bristol 170 Freighter

G-AILW – 4/60 to 8/61

Transferred to World Wide Leasing

De Havilland D.H.104 Dove

G-AKCF – 2/60 to 3/60

Sold to Martins Air Charter as PH-MAD

G-AODN -1/60 to 4/60

Sold in France

G-AOVY – 3/60 to 7/60

Sold to Piper Products Ltd

G-AREG – 8/60 to 8/61

Transferred to World Wide Leasing

Douglas C-54

G-APCW – 10/60 to 11/60

Transferred to World Wide Leasing

G-APID – 10/60 to 12/60

Transferred to World Wide Leasing

Vickers Viking

G-AMGH – 7/60 to 4/61

Transferred to World Wide Leasing – Later B/U at Southend 7/61

Piper PA-23 Apache

G-AREW – 9/60 to 2/61

Sold to Ronald Wilson


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