Tudor G-AHNM

Avro 688 Tudor 4B – c/n 1346

With Air Charter from Aug 1954 to Jun 1959

Tudor November Mike was another of the G-AH- series aircraft that would arrive at Southend from Ringway, this particular aircraft turning up on January 26th 1954. She would later enter the ATEL hangar for some much needed, pre-service maintenance and modification work, emerging as a pure freighter with much of her equipment having been removed, although at this time, no cargo doors had been fitted. This particular work would not occur until after her return to Southend on May 14th 1955 when NM arrived inbound from Hamburg, having been based there to undertake Berlin operations. Being as no lengthening was required, the work went quickly and she was Stansted bound again on June 26th.

Needless to say, now sporting the large, Super Trader cargo doors, the transport of cargo would keep her busy throughout much of the rest if her Air Charter career which included a number of runs on the Ministry of Supply missile hauling contract to and from Woomera, Australia. As with November Oscar, she was also withdrawn temporarily and stored in September 1958, although this time at Stansted. Despite a short stint back on operations, possibly as a result of the hull losses of Tudor RG and RH, she would later return to Stansted where she would be retired before finally being broken up during June 1959.


History of G-AHNM

2/50 to 11/53

Ministry of Civil Aviation

11/53 to 8/54

Aviation Traders

8/54 to 6/59

Air Charter Ltd


WFU and scrapped at Stansted 6/59


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