146 G-BUHC

Based at Southend from Mar 1990 to Dec 2008

Founder/Director – Mr Alan Trotter

Flightline became a functioning concern during April 1989, although it would take almost a year for operations to begin with it eventually becoming the largest, SEN based airline after the demise of British World in 2001. This company initially started out as an aircraft sales and maintenance operation which also offered courier and light cargo flights from SEN, although it soon developed into a business that could also provide ad-hoc and corporate charters, leasing and V.I.P. flights. Initially, Flightline began with small, two engined Embraer Bandeiraintes although they were quick to acquire other equipment that was larger in size. By the mid-90s, the airline had 12 aircraft in its fleet including two, ex-RAF Andovers, although these never entered service and were eventually sold off, while other aircraft were often leased and then sub-leased on to other companies.

Click here for Robin J. Pinnock’s video of these Andovers at SEN

Apart from irregular Ford Motor Company flights and the odd charter one of which was run on behalf of Jaguar Cars, Flightline rarely flew passenger services to and from Southend. However, it did have several contracts which involved the operation of passenger flights from Bournemouth under contract to Palmair, oil charter flights from Aberdeen that this airline had taken over after the collapse of BWA and just before its own demise, the airline was kept busy flying services to and from London City on behalf of British Airways.

Holiday flights from Manchester were also part of Flightline’s repertoire, jetting passengers off to destinations such as Egypt, Spain and Italy, while routes to Germany, France, Ireland and Switzerland were also flown from time to time too, some on behalf of Air France and Palmair. Most of these services were operated by BAe 146s, the aircraft of choice for Flightline, although three MD-80 aircraft were also added to the inventory about a year before the airline’s demise. Despite selling its Southend based engineering facility early in 2008 in an attempt to raise more capital, Flightline finally collapsed in December of the same year with huge debts, this leaving a number of its aircraft stranded at Southend. These were eventually returned to their owners and the liquidators eventually moved in to take over the remainder of Flightline’s assets.


Flightline fleet while based at SEN

(N.B. aircraft bought or leased after 2002 are beyond the scope of this website and are thus not included)

Beech King Air 90

G-FAVI – 5/90 to 7/92

Sold in the Cayman Islands

G-FLTI – 3/90 to 4/01

Sold to Keep Holdings Inc as N146FL

Beech King Air 200

G-THUR – 9/93 to 1/94

Sold to Bilina Consultants Ltd

Embraer Bandeirante

G-FLTY – 8/92 to 11/99

Sold to Keenair Charter

G-OFLT – 11/90 to 5/03

Sold to Business Air but WFU at SEN. B/U by 8/04

H.S. Andover C.1

G-BVNK – 5/94 to 4/95

Sold to International Trans Air Business as 9Q-CJJ

G-BVNJ – 5/94 to 11/94

Sold to Balmoral Central Contracts as 3D-ATS

BAe 146

G-BPNT – 1/93 to 12/08

Sold to Trident Aviation Leasing

G-BTVO – 11/92 to 1/02

Sold to Flybe

G-BUHC – 7/93 to 10/94

Leased from British Aerospace

G-DEBE – 5/02 to 12/08

WFU and stored SEN 4/08 – Re-reg as G-FLTF – To Rangefield Holding Ltd 5/09

G-DEFK – 10/99 to 10/02

Sold to Clubair Sixgo Spa

G-DEFL – 10/99 to 2/01

Sold to Clubair Sixgo Spa as EI-DBZ

(Mostly flown in Swissair livery)

G-DEFM – 10/99 to 12/08

WFU and B/U at SEN by 4/09

G-FLTA – 1/98 to 12/08

Stored at SEN – Later sold to Aircraft Holdings Network Inc as N147FF 7/12

G-FLTB – 5/02 to 4/08

TFR to liquidators in 2009 – Sold to Fuerza Aerea Bolivana as FAB104 9/09

G-HWPB – 11/94 to 11/95

Sold to Jersey European Airways

G-OLHB – 3/94 to 2/96

Sold to Jersey European Airways

G-OLXX – 7/95 to 12/95

Leased from British Aerospace

(Mostly flown in Alpine Flight livery)

G-OZRH – 2/96 to 12/08

WFU and stored SEN – To Calder Ltd 4/09

G-TBIC – 1/97 to 7/07

WFU and stored at SEN – Sold to Nex Aviation Aircrafts Ltd

G-WLCY – 12/96 to 1/97

Leased from World Airlines Ltd


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