125 G-FIVE

Hawker Siddeley H.S.125-1 – c/n 25004

With BAF from Feb 1980 to Jun 1983

This particular aircraft would be the very first production, H.S.125 to enter service with an airline, the previous three airframes having been retained by Hawker Siddeley for testing and further development work. She would spend much of her early life being leased out to a various assortment of companies, before finally ending up in the hands of a number of Keegan’s holding companies including Bembridge Air Hire and Keegan Leasing. Somewhat inevitably, this biz-jet would also find its way into BAF’s ownership, which was admittedly something of a departure from their more standard fare of medium sized, turboprop airliners, although it would appear that Keegan had identified yet another gap in the aviation market and his two H.S.125 aircraft were put to work in an attempt to fill this apparent void.

The initial plan was to fit the aircraft with an 8 seat, V.I.P. cabin which could be used for corporate or executive charters and yet would still offer enough space to allow her passengers to work in comfort. This business jet would also come equipped with a full sized galley so that luxury meals could be provided and a roomy restroom would be available too. BAF’s advertising department pushed these aircraft as being ideal for flights from and to smaller airports where the hassles of larger, international airports could be avoided, although whether this venture was ultimately successful or not is unknown. However, the fact that G-FIVE stood mostly idle at Manchester between July and October 1983, offers an insight into the apparent lack of work for these aircraft. Later, BAF would also offer these aircraft for emergency medical evacuations with a two hour lead time required for fitting out the cabin for such a purpose.


History of G-FIVE

12/62 to 3/79

Hawker Siddeley Aviation as G-ASEC

3/79 to 6/79

Bembridge Air Hire as G-FIVE

6/79 to 2/80

Keegan Leasing

2/80 to 6/83

British Air Ferries

6/83 to 12/84

Alexandria Aviation

12/84 to 3/85

Nelson Leasing and Finance

3/85 to 5/85

McAlpine Aviation


Cancelled 5/85 as later scrapped at Luton to provide parts for 5N-AWD


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