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Avro York C.1 – s/n MW258

With Air Charter from Apr 1956 to Sep 1956

Given Name – ‘New Charter’

While this York may have initially been purchased with trooping in mind, the arrival of the faster and more modern C-54s meant that these aircraft would find themselves being increasingly relegated to lessor duties or indeed, being sold off entirely. G-ANXN arrived at Southend at about the same time as G-ANXJ and while the former would later be passed on to Air Charter, the pair of them would sit idle at Southend for more than a year. The arrival of yet another York G-ANXM in May 1955, gave Aviation Traders all the parts they would need and as such, one York was put together using the parts from all three. It was early in 1956 that X-ray November was finally pulled into the ATEL hangar where she was given a new paint job and the requisite fitting out before making the short trip to Stansted in April, while the other two Yorks would eventually be reduced to scrap. However, it was quite evident that the days of the York were numbered and while she spent a few months trooping back and forth to Malta and Cyprus, by September she had been passed on to Dan-Air.


History of G-ANXN

2/46 to 12/54

Royal Air Force as MW258

12/54 to 4/55

Aviation Traders Ltd as G-ANXN

4/55 to 9/56

Air Charter Ltd

9/56 to 8/63



WFU at Lasham 2/63 and B/U 8/63


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