Rochford Hundred Flying Group


Operated from Sep 1964 to Apr 2002

Founders/Directors – Several including Mr A.J. Jackson

The Rochford Hundred Flying Group started business not long after the demise of the Southend Municipal Flying Club which closed its doors in February 1964 and as such, continued training budding G.A. pilots with one of SMFS’s former mounts – Auster G-ANHX. One of its establishing members included the well renowned A.J. Jackson who founded the Air Britain Group and who also went on to author such mighty tomes as the British Civil Aircraft since 1919 series of books – books that no serious aviation enthusiast today would ever want to be without. The club itself however, would remain a rather small and modest affair with never more than one aircraft in its ownership at any one time.

In 1968, the club’s sole ageing aircraft was replaced with another Auster in the shape of G-AMFP which continued operations until 1972 when it was lost in a flying accident in the French Alps although thankfully, nobody was seriously injured in this incident. Without an aircraft, they leased a Rollason Condor until eventually procuring a Beagle for the club. It was in 1973 that A.J. Jackson’s son Roger became an instrumental part of the organisation, going on to become club secretary in 1978 and continuing in this role until the group’s demise. Over the years, this organisation used mostly British aircraft up until the mid-90s when it finally employed its first American trainer which soldiered on until the club’s closure in 2002.

“Jim Franks – Another great Southend Airport character who served with me on the committee of the Southend branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society based  at the airport in the 1960s. Beagle A.61 Terrier 2 G-ASAK was acquired by the RHFG in 1973. This aircraft, which had been completely rebuilt, remained in service with the RHFG for 22 years until 1995. During this time the aircraft was maintained by Jim Franks, a veteran of the RAF Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment (Flying Boat Section) at Felixstowe during WWII and a former chief engineer of the Southend Municipal Flying School and ADS Aerial while also working for Eric Thurston at Stapleford. This gentleman was a much respected aeronautical engineer within the Essex light aircraft community and much further afield too. If you had an ongoing problem with a light aircraft, you took it to Jim. Nothing ever seemed to be too much for him.” – Peter Clark


Rochford Hundred Flying Group fleet from 1964 to 2002

Auster 5 Autocar

G-ANHX – 10/64 to 7/69

Sold to R.F. Blackiston and G.B.E. Pearce

G-AMFP – 7/69 to 8/72

DBR in the Jura Mountains in France

Rollason Condor

G-AWSR – 12/72 to 5/73

Leased from N.H. Jones, Redhill

Beagle Terrier

G-ASAK – 5/73 to 2/95

Sold to J.H. Oakins

Piper PA-22

G-ARKK – 7/95 to 4/02

Sold to R.D. Welfare


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