British and Continental Airways

Based at Southend from Apr 1947 to Mar 1948

Founders/Directors – Mr. H.L.A. Powell and Mr. A.F. Claxton

Along with East Anglian Flying Services, British and Continental was one of the first airlines to carry out commercial operations from the newly opened, post-war SEN with services already having commenced prior to the airport’s official opening on August 9th 1947. Flying an Avro Anson and a single engined Proctor, this airline busied itself primarily with charter work, the carriage of passengers and the transport of light freight loads between Southend & Gravesend while occasionally flying to other domestic destinations too. Long distance flights to the Middle East and Africa were also flown from time to time. However, operations finally came to an end in March 1948, although the company itself continued to operate as a travel agency under the guise of British and Continental Air Charter and Freight Ltd from its new location in Leigh-on-sea. This company persevered for two more years until eventually closing its doors in November 1950.


British and Continental fleet while based at SEN

Avro 652 Anson

G-AJSD – 5/47 to 3/48

Sold to G.E. & A.P. Weber & H.A. Green

Percival Proctor 2A

G-AIEH – 11/46 to 2/48

Sold to S/Ldr. R.F. Martin


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