Southend Air Taxis


Operated from Oct 1969 to circa Feb 1974

Founders/Directors – Capt J Spouse and Mr W Spouse

This air taxi company (also known as Southend Air Charter Ltd) began life at SEN during July 1969 and would go on to use a wide range of single and twin engined aircraft, although a good number of these would be flown under lease. Services began in October of that year and eventually this organisation would expand enough to take over the 1970 summer, Heathrow – Gatwick shuttle service that was in operation at the time, however this was eventually terminated due to low passenger numbers.

In 1971, SAT purchased Southern Air Charter and with it came more aircraft. Indeed, even into 1973 this company would continue to add a good number of airframes to its fleet, although some of them would be quickly sold on again. Finally in late 1973, Southend Air Taxis was taken over by Directair and as such, its centre of operations would be slowly moved to Leavesden. Flights continued into the early part of 1974 but by February, all operations at Southend had come to an end.


Southend Air Taxis fleet from 1969 to 1974

Cessna 180

G-ASYI – 10/68 to 3/70

Sold to D Hughes

Cessna 310

G-APNJ – 12/68 to 1/71

Sold to Leavesden Air Servicing Ltd – Preserved at Newark Air Museum

G-ATSV – 2/69 to ?/69

Leased from Medburn Air Services

Cessna 337

G-ATPU – 10/70 to 10/70

Leased from Air Gregory

G-AWCI – 1/70 to 11/70

DBR at Orsett Hall – 7/11/70

G-AXGJ – 11/70 to 5/71

Leased from Hewitts Investment Co Ltd

Cessna 402

G-BAWZ – 5/73 to 11/73

Sold to Kina Holdings Ltd

Piper PA-32 Aztec

G-ARYF – 4/71 to 11/71

TRF from Southern Air Charter – Sold to D.S McQuoid

G-BAED – 9/72 to 11/72

Sold to Bon-Air Flight Ltd

G-BBBJ – 6/73 to 2/75

TFR to Directair

Piper PA-28 Cherokee Arrow

G-BAPW – 2/73 to 11/73

Sold to N Stanbury and B Foley

Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche

G-ATSE – 6/71 to 12/71

Leased from Mr A.F Warnell

G-BARA – 2/73 to 11/73

Sold to C’J Oyly

Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six

G-AVFU – 8/70 to 9/70

Leased from Scrupp Ltd


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