Bristol 170

BKS B170

Operated with B.K.S. from Sep 1958 to Mar 1966

While much of the B.K.S. fleet pulled out of Southend during 1953, two Mk21 Bristol Freighters would eventually return to be stationed at the airport permanently during 1958, from where they would operate cargo services to and from the Continent. During this time, B170 Lima Juliet had also begun what would become a very lucrative sideline for B.K.S. that of hauling racehorses to Ireland and the Continent. However, she would later be replaced by the larger and more powerful Ambassadors, G-ALZR being the first of these aircraft to be converted for this purpose in November 1964. Otherwise, freight services would continue for another year with G-AMLJ operating the very last B.K.S. freight service from the airport in late 1965.


B.K.S. Bristol 170 fleet from 1958 to 1966

G-AHJD – 9/60 to 7/61

Leased from Eagle Aircraft Services

G-AICT – 12/62 to 10/65

Leased from Channel Airways

G-AILW – 9/58 to 12/62

Based at Southend – Leased from W.S Shackleton/Kay Rings/Transworld Leasing

G-AMLJ – 10/58 to 3/66

Based at Southend – Leased until 7/59 – Sold to Aer Turas as EI-APC


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