Baltic/Hot Air

Viscount G-BAPF

Based at Southend from Feb 1988 to Feb 1990

Founder/Director – Sean T.Hully

Baltic/Hot Air were short lived airlines, one of which (Baltic) was initially a Swedish concern until it was taken over completely by Sean T. Hully (Sales) Ltd – the holding company for both operations. Baltic involved themselves with wet and dry-leasing, spares and technical solutions, while the first operational aircraft was purchased for this British wing in October 1987 although she wouldn’t go into service until the following year due to necessary engineering work that would take some time to complete. Viscount G-BAPF’s first lease was in February 1988 to GB Airways of Gibraltar, returning to Southend two months later. Shortly after her return, she was transferred to Hot Air which dealt primarily with charter side of the operation and was painted in this airline’s livery with Papa Foxtrot being only one of two Viscounts to carry these colours. She then went on to spend much of June 1988 working charters in the Midlands, after which she was leased to a Gambian company as a ‘Gambia Air Shuttle’ in July 1988. On her return in November, she was almost immediately sent to Gibraltar to replace GB Airway’s Viscount G-BBVH which had been DBR in a wheels up landing.

Meanwhile, in addition to Viscount SE-IVY which had already departed for Sweden (and would play no part in the British operation Viscount G-BAPGadespite carrying an almost identical ‘Baltic’ livery), Viscount G-BAPG had also been purchased for this Swedish arm of the operation early in 1988, even going as far as having a Swedish registration allocated to it, although this was not taken up and she began to operate in the UK instead. She later carried out leasing arrangements with BMA, Portuguese LAR and Virgin in her Baltic livery, before finally being removed from service at SEN. Again, this was the only aircraft out of the four to carry Baltic colours. Sadly, this aircraft would never fly again and after being transferred into BAF’s ownership, she was positioned at the rear of the airport where she would slowly be reduced to a shell before ultimately, being scrapped.

The third aircraft, G-AZNA, arrived in Southend at the end of June 1988 although she had spent much of the month flying leases for Hot Air on G-AZNAacharters to locations such as Twente and Hannover. Carrying an all white livery, the only changes to her appearance were the infrequent applications of her lessor’s titles. She then spent much of her time flying back and forth between the UK and Gambia, being the second Viscount to carry out ‘Gambia Air Shuttle’ services within Gambia itself. Finally, G-BMAT joined the fleet from BMA although she was almost immediately re-registered as G-OHOT and went to work on various domestic charters for Baltic, despite the fact that she had been refinished in Hot Air colours. As with G-BAPG, both of the Viscounts above were sold to BAF after the collapse of Baltic and Hot Air.

In 1989, an ill fated passenger route between Southend and Malmo went into service using Sud Aviation Caravelle OY-STF which had been leased from Sterling in Oct 1988. However, the service was only to last a couple of months before financial difficulties led to its termination and the aircraft eventually beingBaltic Caravelle returned to its owner. Attempts were made to revive the route with a leased, Ryanair BAC 1-11 which flew until the first week of June, although this too was ultimately doomed to fail. By February 1990, the financial situation had worsened further still and Baltic was eventually purchased by Mostjet, which then also procured BAF which had itself gone into administration and the two airlines were subsequently merged with only the BAF name surviving. G-BAPG was reduced to spares and later scrapped at SEN, while G-BAPF lost her engines and then went to Moreton-in-Marsh to spend her last years as a fire service trainer. The ‘Sean T Hully’ name would eventually appear again in 1991, buying back G-AZNA and then selling her on as a gate guardian for a nightclub in Belgium. Meanwhile, G-OHOT went on to serve with BAF/BWA until 1994 when she was destroyed in a crash near Uttoxeter.

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Baltic/Hot Air fleet while based at SEN

Vickers 810 Series Viscount

G-AZNA – 7/88 to 4/90

To BAF – Re-Purchased by Sean T. Hully and sold to a nightclub in Zomergen, Belgium where she still resides as of 2017

G-BAPF – 10/87 to 4/90

As above – Ret to Sean T. Hully (Sales) Ltd – To Moreton-in- Marsh – Scrapped 8/17

G-BAPG – 3/88 to 2/90

To BAF for spares – WFU at SEN 6/92 – B/U 6/97

G-BFZL – 11/88 to 4/90

Leased from British Aerospace

G-OHOT – 2/89 to 10/89

To BAF – Crashed and destroyed near Uttoxeter 2/94

Avro (H.S) 748

G-ATEK – 3/88 to 7/91

Owned by Sean T Hully (Sales) Ltd – WFU at SEN and B/U 7/91

G-BORM – 3/88 to 6/92

WFU at Exeter and B/U for spares

Sud Aviation Caravelle

OY-STF – 10/88 to 3/89

Leased from Sterling Airways

BAC 1-11

G-AZUK – 4/89 to 5/89

Leased from Ryanair


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