Douglas C-47/DC-3


Operated with B.K.S. from Mar 1952 to Mar 1967

As the veritable backbone of B.K.S.’ fleet, its C-47/DC-3 aircraft would remain a regular sight at SEN, even after the airline’s official departure. It was also somewhat ironic that while B.K.S. would start life at Southend during 1952 using this venerable aircraft, almost 13 years later and despite now boasting a huge range of aircraft in its inventory, its last revenue service from Southend would also be operated by this very same type. Indeed, these final services were carried out by DC-3 G-APPO which flew several round trips between Southend and Antwerp from November 25th to December 9th 1965 freighting tractor parts for the Ford Motor Company.


The B.K.S. Douglas Dakota fleet from 1952 to 1967

(Please note – You will also find a number of these aircraft listed under the B.K.S. airline entry)

G-AIWD – 5/60 to 3/67

Sold to Brothers Air Services as VR-ABF

G-AIWE – 3/52 to 4/52

Sold to Iberia as EC-AGS

G-AMSF – 4/52 to 1/59

Sold to Crewsair

G-AMSH – 4/52 to 3/66

Sold to Starways Ltd

G-AMVB – 10/52 to 9/57

Sold to Hunting Aerosurveys

G-AMVC – 10/52 to 10/61

Crashed near Kirkoswold, Cumberland 17/10/61

G-ANAF – 5/53 to 11/58

Sold to Hunting Aerosurveys

G-APPO – 4/59 to 5/66

TFR from B.K.S. Engineering to B.K.S. Aero Transport 7/63 – Sold to Strathallan Air Services Ltd


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