BKS Anson

Like most airlines of the time, B.K.S. had its own fleet of smaller, non-commercial aircraft which were used for a wide number of other tasks that included crew positioning, the servicing of feeder routes or that merely demanded their use as company hacks. As far as the Ansons were concerned, they were used for all manner of purposes. During the first month of operations, G-ALUR moved 500kg of explosives between Southend and Paris for a drilling company while in the late summer of 1953, G-AMBE would be dispatched to Germany to internally distribute newspapers that were being brought in to Düsseldorf and Hannover by the company C-47s and Vikings. The latter Anson returned to SEN in October, although it wasn’t long until she was back at Düsseldorf, flying under lease for Hunting Aerosurveys, which then resulted in G-ALXB being dispatched to Germany some time later to take over the newspaper distribution work.

However, in 1956, some of the remaining Ansons would be passed on to sister company ‘B.K.S. Air Surveys Ltd’ (See separate entry under ‘Engineering – B.K.S.’ for more details). As for the other aircraft, the Dove and the Petrel were used to fly feeder routes, while the Consuls were mostly used as company hacks, although they would on the odd rare occasion fly charters and scheduled services when passenger turnouts were on the low side. In fact, Consul X-Ray Golf would somewhat unofficially become Mike Keegan’s favourite mount and during 1955 and he took the chance to fly her regularly, mostly between Southend and Dusseldorf.


Other aircraft operated by B.K.S. included:

Avro Anson

G-ALIH – 12/53 to 6/54

Sold to E.K Cole Ltd

G-ALUR – 3/52 to 6/52

Sold in Finland

G-ALXB – 1/54 to 10/55

Sold in France as F-DAEK

G-ALXH – 4/54 to 4/63

Bought in non-airworthy condition – Rebuilt during 1955 – Crashed in Yorkshire 9/4/63

G-AMBE – 8/53 to 10/58

To B.K.S Air Surveys

G-APHV – 8/60 to 1/69

To B.K.S Air Surveys

Airspeed Consul

G-AJXE – 11/55 to 10/56

Sold to T.D Keegan

G-AJXG – 7/55 to 8/57

To B.K.S Air Surveys

De Havilland Dove

G-ANGE – 3/54

Leased from Balfour to fly its Greatham – Northolt feeder services, but this never transpired

Miles Gemini

G-AKEG – 8/56 to 1/57

Sold to Balfour (Marine) Engineering

Percival Petrel

G-AEYE – 7/53 to 11/54

Sold to G.R Hamilton-Walker

A number of single engined types were also employed which included such aircraft as:

Auster 4

G-ALYH – 3/54 to 2/57

Sold to G.F Fox

Auster 5

G-AKWS – 7/52 to 5/57

Sold to Southend Municipal Flying School

G-ANEP – 12/53 to 3/54

DBR in Dusseldorf – 12/3/54

G-ANFU – 4/54 to 5/57

Sold to Southend Municipal Flying School

G-ANHX – 4/54 to 6/57

Leased to SMFS – Sold to Glamorgan Aviation

Fairchild Argus

G-AJRX – 12/52 to 6/55

Sold in Ireland but remained at SEN until mid-1959

Piper Cub

G-AIYX – 9/51 to 8/55

Initially leased to Crewsair Flying Club – Sold to C.J De Vine


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