Bristol 170 Superfreighter Mk32 – c/n 13263

With Air Charter from Apr 1957 to Feb 1959

Given Name – ‘Viceroy’

Bristol 170 G-APAV would be the very last aircraft of her kind to roll off of the Filton production line. She arrived at Southend on April 27th 1957 and would spend all of her Air Charter service life on lease to the airline, although she was finally purchased by its Channel Air Bridge successor in June 1961. There is little in the way of history available with regards to this aircraft, although what is known is that as a departure from entering service on a scheduled flight, she would instead be the only B170 to begin her ACL career flying a charter which she operated between Southend and Caen on June 28th. She was also temporarily taken out of service during December 1957, being spotted sitting in the middle of Southend’s central grass area with her rudder missing. Otherwise it is more than likely that she maintained the Channel vehicle ferry services and took up the occasional freight charter until being transferred to CAB in February 1959.


History of G-APAV

4/57 to 2/59

Air Charter Ltd (Leased)

2/59 to 1/63

TFR to Channel Air Bridge (Purchased 7/61)

1/63 to 10/67

TFR to British United Air Ferries

10/67 to 11/70

TFR to British Air Ferries

11/70 to 8/73

Sold to Midland Air Cargo (Capt C.J.O. Trimble)

8/73 to 5/75

Sold to Shackleton Aviation Ltd


WFU and stored Lasham – B/U 5/75


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