Operated at Southend from Oct 1986 to Aug 1988

Founder/Director – Mr. Cameron Winkworth

The early days of this company are somewhat enigmatic although it initially started out around the beginning of 1982 as a Norwich based operator with a single Cessna 404 to its name. However, in October 1986 Hubbardair took over what was originally part of Routair’s operations which had subsequently come to be known as Expressflight and as such became Southend based. Further Cessna 404s were soon added from the Norwich fleet and later in 1986, a leased Twin Otter also became a regular sight at Southend. This particular aircraft would be used to fly parcels from Southend to the Midlands and the North and would continue to fly from Southend for Jersey European and BAC until the demise of the company in 1988.


Hubbardair fleet while based at SEN

Cessna 404 Titan

G-BLOP – 5/86 to 9/87

Sold in Germany

G-EXEX – 1/82 to 7/88

Sold to Air Atlantique

G-HIGS – 6/84 to 3/88

Sold to ARTAC Air Chartering

G-OHUB – 3/84 to 8/88

Sold to Skylane Flight Centre (J.J. Baumhardt)

De Havilland Twin Otter

G-BFGP – 2/84 to 2/87

Leased from Spacegrand Ltd

Partenavia P68

G-HUBB – 5/83 to 8/88

Eventually sold to G-HUBB Ltd during 9/89

Piper PA-31 Navajo

G-AYEI – 11/82 to 7/87

Sold to G-Air Ltd

G-SCOT – 11/87 to 7/88

Sold to David Martin Couriers


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