Eurocity Express/London City Airways

Operated from Oct 1986 to Sep 1990

Main Base – London City

Founders/Directors – Subsidiary of British Midland

Starting out as Eurocity Express, this short lived airline emerged as the London wing of British Midland, its main task being to operate the short hop routes between London City Airport and the financial capitals of France and Belgium, this later being extended to Holland too. Dash-7s were to be the only equipment used by this airline, these being particularly suitable for short runways and steep approaches. While Eurocity would venture into SEN during 1988 primarily for crew training purposes, it wasn’t until the following year that the newly named London City Airways started operating from the airport and would in conjunction with Brymon, offer early Sunday morning services to Jersey during the winter of 1989/90. However come the spring, only the Brymon aircraft remained at SEN and by September, British Midland had wound this airline up altogether and merged its operations with those of its own.


London City fleet from 1988 to 1990

De Havilland DHC-7

G-BNDC* – 3/87 to 4/88

Leased from De Havilland Canada

G-BNGF*– 4/87 to 7/88

Leased from De Havilland Canada

G-BOAW*– 4/88 to 9/90

TFR to British Midland

G-BOAX – 5/88 to 8/90

Sold to the Natural Environment Research Council

G-BOAY*– 6/88 to 9/90

TFR to British Midland

G-BOAZ*– 5/89 to 1/90

Leased from Leasair


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