Brymon Airways

Operated from Mar 1969 to Mar 2002

Main Bases – Newquay and Plymouth

Founders/Directors – Mr Bill Bryce and Mr Chris Amon

Brymon was arguably one of the most successful, West Country airlines to emerge from this part of the UK. Starting out with a single Britten Norman Islander, this company began services from Newquay and Plymouth to Exeter, Land’s End, the Isles of Scilly and destinations that were slightly further afield such as to the Channel Islands and Brittany. In the mid-70s, operations would then spread to other British and Irish airports such as Cardiff and Cork. Brymon’s real breakthrough came in 1977, when it took over the BMA route between Heathrow and Newquay, this later being expanded to Manchester too. These particular routes would employ Herald G-ATIG and as such, she was occasionally seen at SEN where she would pass through for checks and maintenance with BAF Engineering.

However, Brymon’s main remit was to get passengers and cargo in and out of smaller airports and airfields and as such, this airline became instrumental in preparations for the opening of London City Airport, a Brymon Dash-7 undertaking landing and take off trials five years before the airport actually opened. Needless to say, Southend’s slightly longer runway offered no problems whatsoever to these STOL aircraft and from 1988, this airline would operate services to Jersey and Guernsey from SEN every Sunday morning during the colder months. Depending on the level of bookings, either one or two aircraft would position into Southend late on Saturday evening where from 6am the following day, they would be prepared for their early departures.

By 1990, this service had been reduced to one aircraft while London City Airways would also position one of their own aircraft into Southend to fly the same Channel Island routes. The reason behind this apparent ‘doubling up’ of carriers however, remains unknown. Another change would also come about a year later when Brymon quickly swapped out their Dash-7s for Dash-8s. However, these services finally came to an end in 1993 after Brymon was bought out by British Airways and even though the company name would survive through to 2002, the Southend – Jersey route would later be temporarily restored under the British Airways CitiExpress banner during 1996.


Brymon Airways fleet from 1988 to 1993

(Only those aircraft that were likely to have been seen at SEN have been listed)

De Havilland Dash-7

G-BRYA – 10/81 to 6/00

Sold to Berjaya Air as 9M-TAO

G-BRYB – 12/81 to 8/96

Sold to De Havilland Inc as C-GYXT

G-BRYC – 8/81 to 8/96

Sold to De Havilland Inc as C-FYXV

G-BRYD – 1/88 to 6/00

Sold to Berjaya Air as 9M-TAH

G-BRYE – 5/89 to 5/94

Leased from Concord Asset Management Inc

G-BRYF – 10/88 to 11/91

(Bought 8/89) Sold to Oracle Inc as N235SL

De Havilland Dash-8

G-BRYG – 10/90 to 4/96

Leased from GPA Propjet

G-BRYH – 11/90 – 4/96

Leased from GPA Propjet

G-BRYI – 3/91 to 6/05

TFR to British Airways CitiExpress

G-BRYJ – 3/92 to 4/05

TFR to British Airways CitiExpress


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