Titan Airways


Has Operated from Mar 1988 to Present

Main Base – Stansted

Founder/Director – Artac Air Chartering

Having purchased its first aircraft in the form of a Cessna Titan, this airline would subsequently go on to employ this aircraft’s name after its split from parent company Artac Freight and Shipping in January 1988. However, rather than flying the usual glut of passenger and freight charters that had to be booked far in advance, Titan instead offered potential customers a 60 minute response time and quite naturally, this service took off to the management’s delight. Such a sudden growth in work quite naturally necessitated a bolstering of the fleet and by the end of 1990, an Embraer Bandeirante and a Short 330 had joined the airline.

During 1990, UPS began to use Southend as a base for the transport and sorting of parcels, the latter being undertaken in the old, Southend Corporation shed that once sat on the eastern perimeter. Parcels would be brought in from the Continent to Southend by Channel Express Heralds and later Electras, although UPS still needed to distribute their freight around the UK. Titan was then awarded this contract which would see its aircraft operating between SEN and Glasgow, Gloucestershire, Plymouth and Southampton Airports. This work would last from 1990 through to August 1993, when U.P.S. finally moved to their new freight terminal at East Midlands.

However, this would not be the end of Titan’s relationship with SEN which has witnessed a good number of charters and other services being flown through the airport. In fact, at times Titan would even base an aircraft at the airport for short periods, such as when BAe 146 G-ZAPK arrived in December 2000 to fly a number of charters over the Christmas period. Today, Titan Airways still operates according to their founding remit, although the company now offers more in the way of leases and charters with a mixture of Airbus 320, Boeing 737 and ATR-42 equipment.


Titan Airways fleet between 1990 and 2002

(Only those aircraft that were likely to have been seen at SEN have been listed)

Cessna 404 Titan

G-ZAPA – 4/89 to 5/92

Sold in the U.S

G-ZAPB* – 10/91 to 11/92

Sold in the U.S

Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante

G-BPDL – 10/88 to 1/93

Re-reg to G-ZAPE 11/92 – CFIT near Sellafield 13/1/93

Short SD-330

G-BHHU* – 7/93 to 3/94

Leased from Fairflight Charters

G-LEDN* – 12/91 to 3/93

Leased from Greyhound Financial Services

G-ZAPC* – 11/90 to 1/97

DBR landing at Liverpool Airport 3/1/97

Short SD-360

G-ZAPD* – 8/91 to 1/01

Sold to Computaplane Ltd

G-ZAPF – 2/93 to 2/95

Leased from Lynrise Aircraft Financing

G-ZAPK* – 4/96 – 11/13

Sold to Pionair Australia as VH-SAZ


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