Air International

Viscount G-APPX

Operated from Jul 1971 to Nov 1972

Main Base – Stansted

Founder/Director – Capt J.H. Malanowicz

Operating just a single Viscount, Air International would during its short career, fly a good number of services from its Stansted base, many of which included I.T. charters on behalf of tour company Arrow Travel. Going into 1972, this airline also began to fly oil charter flights from both Gatwick and Norwich while during quieter periods, the Viscount would occasionally turn up at Southend for maintenance and checks with Aviation Traders. In fact, had International’s plans gone ahead in 1973, this Viscount would have been spending much of her time at SEN. With Channel’s collapse only a year earlier and BAF still trying to boost its own passenger carrying ability, the local tour companies were desperate for another I.T. operator. Had flights started, this Viscount would have made weekly trips from Southend to Alicante, bi-weekly trips to Beauvais, Palma and Munich and three trips a week to Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Ostend. But sadly, it was not to be and by the end of 1972, operations had effectively come to a halt with the company’s official demise coming later in June 1973.


Air International fleet from 1971 to 1972

Vickers Viscount

G-APPX*– 7/71 to 11/72

Leased from Field Aircraft Services


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