Operated from Aug 1963 to Apr 1970

Main Bases – Cranfield and Leavesden

Founder/Director – Mrs J.M Breeden

This company began life with two, twin engined light aircraft which from the outset were used to run both air taxi and executive charter services. However, by the end of 1964, its fleet had been expanded to eight aircraft which included five De Havilland Doves. Regular customers included Rolls Royce and Ford Motor Company executives, the latter of which would require one of the Doves to be based at SEN during 1964 from where she flew a good number of flights between Southend and Birmingham, sometimes even plying this route twice per day. However, this work wasn’t to last and by the beginning of 1966 the Doves had all left the company. As a result of this, Aircruise concentrated on twin engined flight instruction instead, but by April 1970 and with just a single aircraft remaining to its name, the company finally closed its doors.


Aircruise fleet during 1964

De Havilland Dove

G-AICY – 7/64 to 12/64

Sold to Keegan Aviation

G-AJDP – 7/64 to 2/66

Sold to Rogers Aviation

G-AJLW – 8/64 to 5/65

DBR landing at Droitwich 26/4/65

G-ASDD – 8/64 to 7/65

Sold to Leavesden Air Services

G-ASMX – 12/63 to 5/65

Sold in Italy


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